Tusker49 - Felgenreiniger Biologisch Autopflege Felgen Reinigen


GOOD FOR RIMS, GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT TUSKER49 RIM CLEANER makes it obvious to everyone that you love your car: Chrome, steel and aluminium rims become spotless and shiny, and all traces of oil, rubber residue and brake dust are removed. Our ecological rim cleaner is incredibly gentle on rims whilst also highly effective against dirt. This is due to the mineral substances in this product. 100% performance, 100% biodegradable.

This is how it should be done:
Apply TUSKER49 RIM CLEANER and leave it to get to take effect. Work in with a sponge or soft brush. Then rinse well with plenty of water and dry with a clean cloth if necessary. We recommend using our TUSKER49 SOFT cloth.

In cases of high levels of dirt and grime, this process can be repeated several times.