Tusker49 - Lederpflege Leder reinigen


GOOD FOR LEATHER, GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: TUSKER49 LEATHER CARE protects and impregnates all smooth leather with real beeswax and natural lanolin. It is suitable for all colours and gives the leather a soft suppleness and an 'as new' pleasant leather-honey fragrance. Very economical and safe to use -no re-greasing, no saturation, no waiting around. With an absolutely spot-on accurate spray you can even take care of hard-to-reach seams so that they remain permanently elastic. For long-term enjoyment and lasting value of your leather.

This is how it should be done:
Spray TUSKER49 LEATHER CARE sparingly onto clean and dry seams from a distance of c. 30cm. Spread over the leather using a soft cloth and polish - you're all done!

For pre-cleaning in cases of dirt and grime, we recommend TUSKER49 INTERIOR CLEANER