Tusker49 - Auto Innenraum reinigen


GOOD FOR THE INSIDE, GOOD FOR THE OUTSIDE: TUSKER49 INTERIOR CLEANER removes virtually all kinds of dirt on most interior surfaces and is kind to the material as well as the environment. This mineral-based care product is just what you need to tackle nicotine and coffee stains as well as food residues and markings caused by jeans. On upholstery, carpets, smooth leathers, textiles and synthetic materials. Smells disappear, rich colours are restored. The perfect product for a superior interior.

This is how it should be done:
Generously spray dirty marks with TUSKER49 INTERIOR CLEANER. Leave it to take effect for a short time. Brush textiles. Remove any residue with a sponge, cloth or wet vacuum cleaner. Give it another rub over with a little water, if required.

TUSKER49 INTERIOR CLEANER works incredibly effectively as a pre-cleaning product in conjunction TUSKER49 COCKPIT CARE.