Tusker49 - Insektenentferner fürs Auto


GOOD FOR MATERIAL, GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Mineral-based TUSKER49 INSECT REMOVER is kind to the environment - but successfully dislodges insects and bird droppings from paintwork. Both are quickly and thoroughly removed, whether on glass, paintwork, synthetic materials or chrome. Highly effective as a pretreatment prior to using a drive-through carwash. The fact that the product contains absolutely no industrial alcohols, solvents or acids, makes it perfect to use. Tough on dirt, gentle on the car.

This is how it should be done:
Spray generously over dirty areas and leave for a short time so that TUSKER49 INSECT REMOVER can work its magic. Then wipe off thoroughly using either a damp sponge or our TUSKER49 VLIES. Rinse off with plenty of water.

For marks left by sap, spray the product onto a kitchen towel, place on the mark for 15 minutes and then wash off, applying a little pressure.